Film No. 4209
Title: [Yuri Gagarin Visits Manchester, 12 July 1961]
Producer: Unknown
Date: 1961
black and white, mute and sound (quality variable), 5 min. 46 sec

Film of Yuri Gagarin's visit to the Amalgamated Union of Foundry Workers at Brook's Bar, on a rainy day. He is seen arriving at the Union, where he is presented with a medal by the Union President, Mr Fred Hollingsworth. Then through the crowded streets in an open-topped limousine to visit the Metro-Vickers factory at Trafford Park, before going to Manchester Town Hall for lunch with the Mayor. Gagarin talks, through an interpreter, to journalists about his hopes for the future of space exploration, before being taken to Ringway Airport, where he boards a flight to London.