North West Film Archive
North West Film Archive
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Policeman directing traffic, Manchester 1914

Cotton mill worker, 1941

Ark Royal launch, Birkenhead, 1950

Schoolchildren leapfrogging bollards in Hulme, Manchester c1970
The Archive cares for over 50,000 items from the pioneer days of film in the mid 1890s to video production of the present day. The work of both the professional and the amateur is collected.

The North West Film Archive collection includes:
  • cinema newsreels
  • documentaries
  • advertising and promotional material
  • educational and travel films
  • home movies
  • corporate videos
  • regional television programmes.

  • A wide range of subject matter is covered and the following themes are strongly represented:
  • work and local industry
  • leisure, holiday-making, sport and entertainment
  • local traditions and community activities
  • transport
  • housing
  • wartime experiences.

  • Complementary collections of photographs, taped interviews and original documentation have also been established. This material relates to the Archive's moving image collection and also to the region's film and cinema industries.

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    The North West Film Archive is a part of the Library Service of the Manchester Metropolitan University.