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BBC North West Regional News Material 1973-1986: Programme Details

Record 1 – 8 of 8 news stories found.

Further details for Look North West: Friday 2/11/1973


Production Date

Friday 2/11/1973

Introduced By

Stuart Hall


Gordon Tucker


Nick Clarke
Studio-based and videotape material in this programme (not usually held at the NWFA but please enquire)
Mike Delahaye, snf, piece to camera on electricity prospects for the weekend in the North West. Dur:45”

On Friday 2/11/1973 there were 8 news stories transmitted.


Film Item Number




  (news descriptions are taken directly from BBC's Programme as Broadcast sheets.)    
1 Gerald Harrison, snf, reporting on the collision in Birkenhead Docks between two cargo vessels. McEvoy. Mute. Commag. (Gerald oov 30”) 3 mins 05 secs
2 Children obtaining signatures for a petition against fireworks at Heywood. Park. Mute. (Nick oov) 0 mins 22 secs
3 Wedding cake made for Princess Anne by Morecambe firm goes on show in shop window. Stringer. Mute. (Nick oov) 0 mins 25 secs
4 Timbers of Burnley Town Hall Council Chamber which will be exported to California. Park. Mute. (Nick oov) 0 mins 24 secs
5 GVs of control room power stations. Park. Mute. (Mike Dalahaye oov) 0 mins 29 secs
6 Richard Duckenfield talked to Mr. Arthur Jones of the National Association of Schoolmasters, about the spreading problems of violence among pupils. Park. Commag. 2 mins 53 secs
7 Gerald Harrison, snf, reporting on Liverpool Daily Post’s move to new premises. McEvoy. Mute. Commag. (Gerald oov 42”) 2 mins 27 secs
8 Michael Delahaye, snf, reporting on Hebden Bridge Council’s plan to give away houses. Stephens. (Michael oov 1.22”) 4 mins 30 secs
Record 1 – 8 of 8 news stories found.