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BBC North West Regional News Material 1973-1986: Programme Details

Record 1 – 8 of 8 news stories found.

Further details for Look North West: Monday 29/9/1973


Production Date

Monday 29/9/1973

Introduced By

Stuart Hall


Gordon Tucker


John Mundy
Studio-based and videotape material in this programme (not usually held at the NWFA but please enquire)
Gerald Harrison, snf, talked to Mr. Fred Jackson, spokesman for an insurance firm, about house thefts. Dur:3.30”

On Monday 29/9/1973 there were 8 news stories transmitted.


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  (news descriptions are taken directly from BBC's Programme as Broadcast sheets.)    
1 Police frogman search Stanley Park, Blackpool, for stolen silver trophies. Hallas. Mute. 0 mins 20 secs
2 Crashes due to fog on main A.56 near Daresbury. McEvoy. Mute. 0 mins 18 secs
3 Pickets outside Vauxhall plant, Ellesmere Port. McEvoy. Mute. 0 mins 19 secs
4 Blackpool illuminations taken down and boats of the Pleasure Gardens go into store. Hallas. Mute. 0 mins 25 secs
5 Period fashion display in Thornton, Wirral. McEvoy. Mute. 0 mins 25 secs
6 Richard Duckenfield, snf, reporting on new computer at the Dental School, Manchester, for research into defects of the human jaw. Park. Sepmag. 3 mins 05 secs
7 Gerald Harrison, snf, reporting on a new plastics invention for waste treatment by Sale, Cheshire firm. Park. Commag. 3 mins 15 secs
8 Views of pictures by Pat Cooke “European Celebration” which opens in London, Tuesday. Park. Mute. 3 mins 0 secs
Record 1 – 8 of 8 news stories found.