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BBC North West Regional Documentaries: Record Detail


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Nick Peak

Other Credits

Editor: Ken Langston Jones

Transmission Date



colour , sound (sep), 30 mins 40 secs


A programme which contrasts Liverpool's neglected Chinatown with Manchester's, which has received investment and is thriving. Begins by looking at Liverpool: there are shots of an English language class for Chinese adults; Prince Charles and Princess Diana are shown opening Liverpool's Pagoda Chinese Community Centre in 1982; Brian Wang, Chinese Community worker, and Dr Michael Chan are interviewed about how vital the centre is for Liverpool's Chinese community; English classes, translation services and Chinese calligraphy lessons are shown taking place at the Centre. The Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre in Liverpool is shown and there are shots of children playing space invader machines, pool, draughts and table tennis there. The programme then highlights Manchester's Chinatown and there are general views of Chinese shops, restaurants and banks in Manchester. Children are seen in Chinese language lessons and Kung Fu classes at the Chinese Education Culture and Community Centre in Manchester. Chairman Dr Loreth Lee speaks of the various classes at the Centre. Includes shots of derelict and boarded-up buildings in Liverpool's Chinatown, people performing dances in traditional Chinese costume, a street procession in Manchester's Chinatown and streetscenes, riverboats and trams in Hong Kong.

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