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Su Dalgleish

Other Credits

Narrator: Ann Rye; Interviewees: William Panton, Thomas Nelson, Peter Nelson, Jill John, Mavis Griffiths, Sally Griffiths, Rosita Griffiths, Shirley Browne, Clecia Browne; Interviewee/Adviser/Researcher/Commentary: Prince Kaba; Supplier of contacts/research: Augustine John; Music: David Campbell

Transmission Date



colour , sound (sep), 29 mins 40 secs


Follow-up programme to the BBC North West series Long Live Our England, which was made in 1972 (see B88, B89, and B90), about the West Indian community in Manchester. Some of the participants from the first series are shown at a special screening of the programmes in Moss Side ten years later - in 1982 - and they describe how life has been for them in the past decade. Includes extracts from the original programes. Those shown in the new programme include Mavis Griffiths, who is now retired and still lives in Old Trafford, and her daughters Rosita and Sally; Youth Worker William Panton, who is now a barrister in London; brothers Peter and Thomas Nelson; sisters Shirley and Clecia Browne. Many refer to the struggles they have faced in their careers in the last ten years and the recent riots in Moss Side, Toxteth and Brixton being a result of the lack of employment prospects for non-white youngsters. Educationalist Jill John and Prince Kaba discuss the education system in 1982 and how it discriminates against non-white children. Includes brief shots of burned-out buildings in Moss Side after the riots.

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