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Sid Waddell

Other Credits

Narration: Peter Wheeler; Sound: Lou Rivers and Terry Patrick; Music: Trevor Holroyd and Bert Gaunt; Photography: John Martin; Rostrum: David Speed; Film Editor: Peter M. Tailor

Transmission Date



colour , sound (sep), 28 mins 52 secs


Programme featuring the men who drive the landaus (carriages pulled by horses) along Blackpool's Golden Mile promenade. Opens with shots of a group of girls harnessing horses in a field and riding them through the streets of Marton, a Blackpool suburb. Various landau lads - including Blackpool entertainer and ex-circus clown Jonny Gallimore; Jackie Dolan, who trained as a hairdresser but instead rides the landaus; Bobby Jackson and boss Stuart Hanson - talk about their love of horses and the landau way of life, their worries about less customers, how they spend their time when they're not driving landaus. Includes various shots of Blackpool seafront with the landau lads driving horses and carts with holidaymakers in, horses and carts lined up on a rank, sunbathers on the beach, people paddling in the sea, the interior of a strip bar and the Pleasure Beach. The landau lads are shown drinking in 'The Rag' pub where Jonny Gallimore recounts his memories of the landau business in the past and sings cabaret on stage. There are black and white stills of Victorian landaus at Blackpool promenade. A man is shown using a landau to collect rag and bone and Jackie's brother Bruce Dolan shoes a horse on his pig ranch. Includes opening title sequence and end credits.

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