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Director: B. Mosley; Camera: Brian M. Dairmant

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colour , sound (sep), 29 mins 16 secs


B206/1: Bob Orrell, originally from Manchester, takes a trip with his two packhorses, 'Thor' and 'Lucy', along old packhorse routes in the Lake District, along which packhorses used to carry ship cargo, post and provisions about 200 years ago. He begins at Ravenglass and the port there is shown. In Eskdale he meets Edmund Porter, the Eskdale and Ennerdale Huntsman and there are shots of the Eskdale 'Ratty' miniature steam train and St. Catherine's Church. In Ennerdale Orrell interviews Forestry Commission District Officer Mike Scott about tree-planting policies. The Wastwater Hotel in Wasdale is shown and Orrell is seen camping at Wasdale camp site. He travels over Scarth Gap Pass to Buttermere and interviews farmer Tom Richardson about the increase in tourists. Orrell gives a brief history of slate and lead quarrying. Orrell encounters off-road motor bikers and meets members of the Fell Pony Society including Secretary Peggy Crossland. There are various general views of the Lake District, including mountains, valleys and lakes. 29m16s

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