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BBC North West Regional Documentaries: Record Detail


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Bob Mozley

Other Credits

Editor: Ken Langston Jones; Presenter: Frank Mellor

Transmission Date



colour , sound (sep), 18 mins 05 secs


Opens with Homeground series opening titles. Presenter Frank Mellor looks at three different farming operations in the North West. In Cumbria, wool is shown being bagged at Martindale Common above Lake Ullswater and sheep farmer Stan Richardson and his wife Margaret describe the challenges of sheep farming in the fells. In Cheshire, dairy farmer Bert Dutton is shown at his farm in Guilden Sutton: he speaks about rearing cows for milk and pigs for meat and there are shots of Dutton's piggeries on the Wirral, cows being milked, barley being harvested in fields and animal feed being produced. At Whetton Hall Farm(?) in Cheshire, intensive turkey farming is shown, including turkeys being artificially inseminated, the interior of turkey barns, turkey eggs in incubators and chicks being checked and sorted by staff. Head of the farm, Ted Webster, is interviewed about turkey faming becoming more intensive.

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