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BBC North West Regional Documentaries: Record Detail


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Terry Wheeler

Other Credits

Presenter: Mike Sweeney

Transmission Date



colour , sound (sep), 19 mins 48 secs


Three separate items each approximately 5 minutes long. The first item deals with leisure facilities and Mike Sweeney visits Preston Leisure Centre. There are shots of children having swimming lessons, trampolining and playing volleyball. Presenter Mike Sweeney is seen playing squash and weight training in a gym and Brian Hall, Director of Recreation, is interviewed. In the second item Janice Long looks at the music scene in Liverpool and there are general views of Liverpool city centre, the Cavern Club and Albert Dock are shown. Liverpudlian musicians are interviewed about their music and about Liverpool, including the band The Cherry Boys and Mike Score from Flock of Seagulls. The third item focuses on three Mancunian buskers: Desmond Charleson, Andrew Higgins and Michael Gill. Presenter John Mundy interviews them, there are brief shots of Manchester City Centre and the buskers playing on Market Street.

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