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colour , sound (sep), 10 mins 13 secs


A romantic look back at the long history of steam-powered passenger boats on Lake Windermere in the Lake District. Various stills are shown: the first Windermere steamer the 'Lady of the Lake' which launched in 1845; other Victorian passenger paddle steamers; and a tea party taking place on board a steamer privately-owned by the upper-classes. The switch to engine-powered boats is described and there are general shots of steam engines on the lake today. Some Victorian steamers held at the Windermere Steamboat Museum are shown. There are various interviews including one with a man from the Windermere Iron Steamboat Company about the design of modern-day boats. There are shots of 'Dolly', the oldest working paddle steamer which was built in 1850 and 'Tern', which was launched in 1891. Ends with description of plans to restore Victorian steamers with original steam engines and have them carry passengers on Lake Windermere again.

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