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BBC North West Regional Documentaries: Record Detail


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Tony Wilkie Miller

Other Credits

Editor: Ken Langston Jones

Transmission Date



b/w & colour, sound (sep), 30 mins 04 secs


Programme looking at how fairgrounds have changed, focusing on Daisy Nook Fair near Oldham and Alton Towers Theme Park in Staffordshire. Opens with "Changes" opening sequence and music. The Silcock family are shown, who have held a fair at Daisy Nook every Easter since the early 1900s. The organisers are shown putting the fair together and checking equipment. There are various shots of crowds of people, fast food stalls and rides at Daisy Nook, including waltzers, dodgem cars and roller coasters. Includes archive footage of crowds at a fairground (11m36 to 12m45s) including a black dwarf woman (13m17 to 13m50s). There are stills of a fairground in the 1900s. Cars and coaches are shown arriving at Alton Towers and the inside of the Theme Park is shown, including people queuing, various rides, the stately home and gardens. The manager of Alton Towers is interviewed about the rides and security. Police officers are seen preparing to patrol Daisy Nook fairground. Programme ends with shots of Daisy Nook Fairground at night.

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