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Presenter: Frank Mellor

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colour , sound (sep), 29 mins 16 secs


Reporter Frank Mellor visits Grizedale Forest in the Lake District to examine the new approach to forestry management being piloted there. The work of the Forestry Commission (FC), Britain's biggest land owner, is examined in detail. There are interviews with George Stewart, Manager of the FC's Forests and Estates on the effect increasing numbers of tourists has had on FC land; Jack Chard, from the FC, on controlling numbers of deer; Chief Forester Bill Brandt about the FC's 'zoning' techniques for tourists; and ex-forester Vera Amol about her career. Bob Fletcher speaks about giving up being a butcher in Accrington to live in Grizedale and work as a forester. A FC worker is shown setting off controlled explosions to drain waterlogged land and create habitats for birds. Geoffrey Berry from the Friends of the Lake District is interviewed about the unnatural effect tree planting has on the landscape. A farmer expresses his concerns that tree planting encourages foxes. There are good shots of foresters felling trees and making picnic tables, tractors dragging timber and general views of the countryside surrounding Grizedale Forest and the forest itself. Windermere and Bowness are shown crowded with tourists and there are good shots of wild deer. A FC Conference is shown at the FC's headquarters at Grizedale and there are various shots of ramblers walking on nature trails, picnickers, people camping and Grizedale Wildlife Centre. Satterthwaite village is shown and women there are seen making souvenirs for tourists. A piano recital by Ethel Veach from Ambleside is shown at the FC's theatre.

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