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BBC North West Regional Documentaries: Record Detail


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Presenter: Frank Mellor

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colour , sound (sep), 27 mins 24 secs


BBC presenter Frank Mellor looks at the history of Herdwick sheep farming in the Lake District. He reports from the coast near Muncaster and Hawkshead. Various sheep farmers are interviewed, including fell runner and farmer Joss Naylor at his Bowderdale Farm, Wastwater, where we see him herding sheep. Mrs Kaye is shown spinning Herdwick wool in her farmhouse and historian Nancy Birchard speaks of the importance of Herdwick wool in the Lake District. Peter Delap claims intensive sheep farming has damaged the Lakeland fells and John Allan, a Patterdale farmer, defends the tradition of sheep farming. There is footage of a fox hunt with hounds, including a graphic shot of a fox being killed. Ends with men singing in a Lakeland pub.

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