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Record 7576 – 7595 of 7596
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7435
Student documentary giving a profile of lecturer and performance poet Jo Warburton. Warburton, who teaches language and communication at Unversity College Warrington, talks about her upbringing in unfashionable Dallam, the subjects she writes about, and her interest in gardening and archaeology. Includes a recital of 'Dallam' and shots of that area, plus a stage performance of her song 'Eine Kleine Crap Neighbour'. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7436
Student production profiling musician and artist Bill Drummond. Drummond, part of the KLF and K Foundation as well as other music and art ventures, offers his thoughts on some of his controversial projects and stunts. These include the burning of one million pounds on a remote Scottish island, and Drummond firing blanks from a machine gun at the audience during his band's performance at a televised awards show. Features contributions from colleagues and footage from music videos and television appearances. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7437
Student documentary about community organisation Carisma that works in the Moss Side, Hulme and Longsight areas of Manchester to counter street crime and offer viable alternatives to young people. Chairperson Erinma Bell and other core members talk about how Carisma was set up, how it seeks to engage with existing groups and the authorities, the public events it organises and projects it hopes to run in the future. Members at a Carisma event also explain why they joined the organisation. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7438
Student documentary examining people's perceptions of hell. After an opening scene in which a man faces a 'hell-ish' wait for a bus to arrive, the three contributors - a Warrington vicar, a pagan and a non-religious young woman - offer their thoughts and opinions on the concept of hell. Their views are set against depictions of hell in literature and images of war, destruction and disfigurement. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7439
Student production profiling Manchester musician and songwriter Bryan Glancy who suffers from bipolar affective disorder. Glancy talks about the dramatic effect this has had on his life and about his music projects that have involved collaborations with alternative comedians and other Manchester musicians. Features insights into the condition from Tony McAlpine at the Mood Swings Network. Also includes Glancy performing in a bar and on Oxford Road. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7440
Student documentary in which former residents of Hankinson Park in Salford, made famous by Walter Greenwood's novel 'Love on the Dole', talk about their fond memories of the area. They describe how it has changed since the slum clearances and the erection of flats and tower blocks. Illustrated with archive photographs and film of the old 'Hanky Park', its demolition and rebuilding. Also includes images of the replacement buildings, many of which are now themselves in need of repair, as contributors bemoan the deterioration of the area and call for new investment. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7441
Student production looking at the positive and negative effects on the body of eating chocolate. Several consumers list their favourite brands before a nurse based at Padgate Campus explains the chemical and biological effects of chocolate consumption on the human body. An art student talks about why she eats chocolate and the manager of Thorntons in Warrington describes the range of products in her confectionery store. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7442
Student production that examines the significance of blood in different religions and briefly outlines the work of the National Blood Service. Features contributions from a pagan witch, a vicar, a rabbi and a Jehovah's Witness elder as well as Tony Chadwick who works on a black pudding stall in Bury Market. Concludes with Emma Heesom, press officer for the National Blood Service, who describes the work of the NBS alongside images of the blood donation procedure. Also includes brief shots of meat being cut by a butcher and clips from feature films. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7443
Student documentary examining the debilitating effects of M.E., or chronic fatigue syndrome, using contibutions from sufferers and a medical doctor. It looks at the onset, symptoms, treatment and prognosis of the condition as well as its psychological effects and public perception. M.E. sufferers describe the impact of the illness on their day to day lives and their attempts to manage it. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2003 Film Number: 7444
Student production profiling the development of amputee football in the North West. Dave Connor, the England Amputee Football Team Manager who also works at Everton FC, talks about the development and rules of this form of the game and the setup at England and Everton. Dave Tweed, an ex-soldier, shares his own story of taking up amputee football after losing a leg in an accident, representing England and setting up the Manchester Amputee football team that trains inside the JJB Soccerdome in Trafford. [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2005 Film Number: 6779
A short documentary film describing how the Cherian family emigrated from India to the North West of England, via Singapore, during the mid Twentieth Century. Philip and Elizabeth Cherian describe their childhood in Singapore and explain how their father was imprisoned there by the Japanese during World War II. Includes extracts of archival footage featuring the state of Kerala in India and Changi village in Singapore.
Date: 2009 Film Number: 5954
Using contemporary interviews and BBC archive material, local people reminisce about arriving, growing up and living in Hulme and Moss Side in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Includes scenes at Webster Street Primary School, the Crescents, the Nile Club and of the infamous riots.
Date: 2009/10 Film Number: 7343
Using a mixture of archive film and contemporary footage interspersed with interviews, this short film looks at the experiences of first and second generation immigrants from Pakistan to Nelson in Lancashire. Interviewees talk about working in the cotton industry in the town, their feelings on arrival, and at how life for the younger generation has changed from their parents' and grandparents' time. [Produced as part of the Reel Revolutions project] [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2009/10 Film Number: 7344
Local historian, Darran Ward, has a brief look at the life of Wallace Hartley, bandmaster on the Titanic, who famously went down with the ship. From his childhood in Colne, via his brief career on other liners, to the fateful night on the Titanic - archive footage and photographs are used to illustrate the story. [Produced as part of the Reel Revolutions project] [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2009/10 Film Number: 7345
Short film looking at the March Street Community Gardens project in Daneshouse, Burnley. The allotments are used by a number of local groups and schools for education, therapy and community development. There are interviews with organisers and volunteers, a brief history of the project and views of groups working on the site. [Produced as part of the Reel Revolutions project] [Catalogued as part of 'Revitalising the Regions' - a Screen Heritage UK project, 2011]
Date: 2013/4 Film Number: 5655
Interviews with people involved in the project are interspersed with footage of the relocation of the Manchester Cenotaph across St Peter's Square in 2014. Following a brief history of the memorial, each aspect of the tricky move and restoration is documented, and the film ends with scenes of the rededication ceremony and the 2014 Centenary Armistice Day ceremony.
Date: 2013/4 Film Number: 5656
Short documentary looking at the relocation of the Manchester Cenotaph during 2013/2014. Includes interviews with people involved in the project, along with details of the dismantling and reconstruction of the memorial. Ends with scenes at the Remembrance Day ceremony in November 2014.
Date: 2014 Film Number: 5657
Timelapse footage of the dismantling and reconstruction of the Manchester Cenotaph as it is moved across St Peter's Square in 2014.
Date: 2014 Film Number: 5658
Footage of Nick Roberson, stone carver, at work at his home in Chorlton as he makes a new stone crown to replace a corroded one in the Manchester Cenotaph in St Peter's Square.
Date: 2016 Film Number: 8233
Short documentary looking at the Homeless Library project. The project worked with the Greater Manchester homeless community to document their stories through art and poetry, using second-hand books as a starting point. Includes interviews with the project's co-ordinators and participants. An exhibition of the work created as part of the project runs from 31 Jan to 31 March in Archives+, Ground Floor, Manchester Central Library.
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